Our Clients

Based in Winnipeg, many of our clients are canadian web hosting clients but we have many others in the US and other countries.

This is what people say about us …Web Hosting Clients


“I did a lot of research into web hosting companies and I have helped friends set up web sites on the big ‘name’ sites that advertise low prices. What they don’t tell you is that they will try to upsell you at every opportunity and they charge extra for EVERYTHING.

New Winnipeg Web Hosting includes everything that others charge extra for, and the costs are very clear and upfront. When I first started researching web hosting services, they promptly and personally answered my inquiry email.

Well, I signed on with them in the middle of the night. They had everything up and running almost instantly. THEY emailed ME in the middle of the night to welcome me to the service and ask if I had any questions. I know pretty much nothing about web site design, so I had lots of questions. They instantly fixed an issue I had – in the middle of the night, mind you – and I was up and ready to upload my site that day.

I am now satisfied that I made the right decision.”

Dave Brown
Firearms Safety Coordinator

“These guys are fantastic!  I switched to them from another hosting company because of the complete lack of service. When I started working with New Winnipeg Media, I was so surprised because I just wasn’t used to getting such great service!

Emails were returned really promptly, and they are so reliable! I don’t have the worries I used to have with the other company.  I’m VERY happy with everything so far and I am really happy I decided to switch over to New Winnipeg!”

Tammy Ouellet

“We can highly recommend New Winnipeg Media. They are professional, diligent and efficient.”

Professor Jesús Ángel Miguel García
Director, The Spanish Institute in Winnipeg

“Easy to give these guys five stars – I have been with them for years (maybe even a decade… so long that I have forgotten). Reliable to a “T”. I never have to worry about my site going down. Tons of features at the web designer’s disposal – so many, that I haven’t learned how to use most of them.

But the number one reason that I use New Winnipeg is the support. They need a different word to describe how good this support is (extra-support? über support? Support-o-rama?) – just to say that any problem I have had has always been answered quickly, efficiently,  and at times doggedly (when I just can’t understand something.)

Highly recommend this company. Woohoo is right.”

Craig Terlson

“I can not remember once the service being unavailable. And when the Olympics 2010 were on and we needed things to run smooth, the site was up and ready for service. Our web site gets a huge boost when the Olympics are on and New Winnipeg Web Hosting was there – they did not let us down.”

“World class hosting from a local company! New Winnipeg Media is great.”

Joel Klaverkamp

“I needed help a few times and when I called New Winnipeg Web Hosting for support, I was able to connect live with their very helpful and patient support team. I have become spoiled by the site reliability, their competitive pricing structures and by fantastic customer support and service. Thank you New Winnipeg Media, I am here to stay!”

Ted Mayer

“I don’t know why I didn’t switch from MTS sooner. Now I have perfect uptime and ALL the support I need. You guys are the best!”

Don Windsor

“I find your company very easy to work with. I have not regretted switching over at all. I really like your attitude and service. I look forward to a long working relationship.”

Brad Fenwick
Client since 2003

“I love your hosting service and will be with you guys for life!”

Jerry Stevenson
Client since 2003

“Thank you for the excellent hosting. I will continue to recommended you to everyone I know. Thanks especially for the 100% UPTIME!”

Kelly Dudding

“Thanks for the quick response and excellent support over the years.”

Micheal Zacharias

“The support is outstanding and truly appreciated.”

Marni Jo Townsley

“Thanks so much for your excellent service, it’s vendors like you that make things better for small businesses.”

Ian Michaluk

It is refreshing to work with a hosting company that takes such an interest in the success of its clients. The quality, reliablity, and class of New Winnipeg Media by far outshines any other hosting company I’ve worked with. The delicate balance of performance, cost, service, and integrity can’t be beat.

John Turner

“With your excellent support and Control Panel tools, putting together my Website was so easy!”

Shaun Murphy

“When I switched my website over to New Winnipeg Web Hosting, I could see quite easily why New Winnipeg has great credibility here in Vancouver. Even though New Winnipeg isn’t from BC, your company is the best for web hosting in BC and I just wanted to thank you for all your help.”

Lisa Borland
Client since 2005

“Having no setup fees was what won me over with New Winnipeg and your technical support is what kept me.”

Jennifer Walsh
Client since 2004

“The web hosting interface provided by New Winnipeg Webhosting surpassed my expectations. I have complete control of my web world. The only thing that was more impressive was the speed with which New Winnipeg registered and set up my web space!”

JB Trent
Client since 2002