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Auto Email Account Setup

One Click Email SetupWe offer an extensive list of auto-configuration scripts that allow our clients to setup email in “one-click”. You simply download a file, open it, and your email account is automatically setup!

You can auto-setup an email account using the popular desktop email programs such as Microsoft Outlook 2000® for Windows®, Windows Live Mail®, MacOS®® and Mozilla Thunderbird®.

We also offer an auto-setup tool for iPhone/iPad/iPod users.

Click here for more instructions.

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Web Disk & Email Auto Config Utility Update

We have made some minor updates to our Control Panel that will improve browser and software compatibility. The login screens for Webmail and cpanel have been updated to reflect better style guidelines and to improve web security.


Web Disk support has been updated for Windows XP, Windows Vista 7, Windows 8, Apple Mountain Lion, as well as Android and iOS clients (iPad & iPhone).


Our email auto configuration utility has been updated to support the latest email software, including Mountain Lion and Windows Live.

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